Recent realizations

Grodzisk Mazowiecki
More than 106 indoor parking spaces. Total PV installation capacity: 370 kWp.
1 PV carport, 8.1 kWp, 2 wallbox chargers
Bielsko Biala
Two PV carports, location Bielsko Biala 43 Zywiecka Street, power 16.2 kWp


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Krzysztof Kozielski

Since March 18, ESP has been a member of the GIS

Since March 18, ESP has been a member of the Katowice Regional Chamber of Commerce
Krzysztof Kozielski

Smart City also includes Pv Sheds

On 20/21.11.2023, the 17th SMART CITY forum was held in Warsaw.
photovoltaic carport
Krzysztof Kozielski

Benefits of photovoltaic bicycle shelters

Photovoltaic bicycle sheds are a modern solution that combines the function of protecting bicycles from rain and snow with the ability to generate electricity from the sun.
photovoltaic carport
Krzysztof Kozielski

A video showing the PV Victoria photovoltaic shed

we invite you to watch a video showing our photovoltaic shed, technical data and advantages
photovoltaic carport
Krzysztof Kozielski

What actually is a PV carport

With its help we can power a household, restaurant or business.
photovoltaic carport
Krzysztof Kozielski

Largest implementation of PV carport in Poland

At the beginning of January 2023, ESP SA signed a contract to build more than 50 PV Grids in one parking lot
photovoltaic carport
Krzysztof Kozielski

Photovoltaic Carports for Businesses

See what sets our enterprise solutions apart.
Krzysztof Kozielski

ESP awarded at climate congress. The only Silesian project with the title of Energy Transformation Leader

PV Victoria caport - the only Energy Transformation Leader from the Silesian province.

An alternative to rooftop photovoltaic and ground-mounted installation

Team knowledge and experience

Our team

We focus on three areas: energy storage, PV carport and photovoltaic farm service. We focus on three areas: energy storage, PV carport and photovoltaic farm service.

Krzysztof Kozielski
Krzysztof Kozielski
Wojciech Zielezny
Wojciech Zieleźny
Tomasz Pruszczynski
Tomasz Pruszczynski
Tomasz Trepka
Tomasz Trepka



A rapidly growing provider of renewable energy solutions: photovoltaics and heat pumps.

Krzysztof Kozielski

An investor and manager with 20 years of experience, he has managed several companies including one listed on a proprietary stock exchange.

Inżbud TT Sp. z o. o.

The Inzbud Group operates in the engineering and general construction segment. It performs engineering, road and network works but also constructs industrial and residential buildings under the GW system.
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e-Delivery address : AE:EN-81554-02108-FRDAI-18
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40-857 Katowice,
4 Wolnego St.
REGON: 387272610, NIP: 6342982498
Entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court in Katowice, VIII Commercial Department of the National
Court Register under the number KRS 0000864340
Share capital PLN 120,000 paid in full.
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