Multi-Carport application example
PV carports a.k.a. photovoltaic carports are canopies of parking/garage spaces covered with photovoltaic panels that, in addition to providing space for cars, produce electricity.

The combination in the most efficient way possible of energy and transportation transformation, namely photovoltaics and electromobility. The ideal solution is the development of PV carports / carports, i.e. photovoltaic canopies mounted over parking lots.
More than 3 years of experience
Energy Transformation Leader
Quality confirmed by CE certification
  • Modern structure
  • Modular design
  • Durability, long service life and highest quality components
  • Durability, long life and top quality components
  • Convenient parking for vehicles
  • Customized designs and colors
  • Weather protection
  • Short assembly time and easy installation
  • Modular systems
  • Durable and high quality materials
  • Suitability for almost all types of photovoltaic modules
  • Modern and elegant design.
A row of parking spaces
Victoria shed with butterfly roof

Installation of the Victoria photovoltaic caport canopy

Stage 1

assembly of the support structure - any color of the structure chosen from the RAL palette

Stage 2

installation of the roof of the photovoltaic carport - which includes a roof made of photovoltaic panels and a soffit made of trapezoidal sheet metal ( responsible for water drainage and improving aesthetics)

Stage 3

Installation of photovoltaic panels - as a standard, we install 18 PV panels on one carport. Type of panels, power, color agreed individually with the customer
Fertiger Carport
Beispiel für den Einsatz des Multi-Carports
In addition to a number of practical applications, our Victoria carport is also visually pleasing and blends in perfectly with the architecture of its surroundings. It is possible to personalize its design (e.g., the height of the carport) and choose a color from the RAL palette.

The photovoltaic modules can also be individually customized, such as the full black version, which allows them to adapt to current trends and match any type of architecture.

Victoria carports not only increase the functionality and value of the property on which they are located, but also optimize parking space and provide additional value in the form of electricity production.
Our carports can be integrated with energy storage or car chargers.

Visualizations before and after implementation


Grodzisk Mazowiecki
More than 106 indoor parking spaces. Total PV installation capacity: 370 kWp.
1 PV carport, 8.1 kWp, 2 wallbox chargers
Bielsko Biala
Two PV carports, location Bielsko Biala 43 Zywiecka Street, power 16.2 kWp


Photovoltaic caport installation locations

We are happy to manufacture, deliver and install PV shed/ carport
throughout the country. ESP SA carries out the investment throughout Poland, and the EU.
Financing of PV photovoltaic carports
As you can see, installing PV on a PV carport is a very profitable business decision. However, for many companies, the problem is the relatively high upfront cost of the investment.
How to avoid high upfront costs for investments
  • Option one is: Leasing PV carports
  • Option Two: Lease Loan for PV Grid (repayment for up to 5 years).
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