Photovoltaic Carports for Businesses

Krzysztof Kozielski
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Our Carports / PV carports stand out:

  • Trapezoidal sheet metal soffit - ensuring 100% watertightness
  • Adapt the size of PV Grids to the specific dimensions of parking spaces/disabled spaces, non-standard cars, etc.
  • Ability to discharge and collect precipitation into any reservoir for reuse, such as for watering green spaces
  • It can be integrated with the energy storage / car charger, integration can be done in the next / later stage.
  • Extensive experience - we have more than a dozen implementations in PL
  • Quality confirmed by CE certificate
  • Implementation throughout Poland

Funding of up to 100% of eligible funds - in the Silesian province!
Upcoming call for applications: 15.02.2022 r. - 31.03.2022 r.

Leave a contact and let's choose together the best carport / PV carport tailored to your needs!

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